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People on Berkeley Pier

Providing access to the Bay for generations

Save the Berkeley Pier!

How you can help...

The status of the pier

After nearly eight years, there is no clear path to repair or replace Berkeley pier.  The pier was the very heart of Berkeley marina,  the only place where you could walk 3,000 feet onto San Francisco Bay.  Many thousands of people visited the pier every year – people from all walks of life, who came to fish, walk, or just get away from it all without having to spend money.  We need to restore the largest park in our fair city.


The pier today

The pier has been closed since 2015.  Although State Senator Nancy Skinner provided $15 million for the pier...


Who we are

We are an ad hoc group of people who realize that it will take a sustained advocacy effort to create the political will to restore the pier.

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News & Articles

Recent news and articles about our favorite pier...


A long history

Berkeley Pier has been a part of Berkeley and San Francisco Bay since 1853!


I have so many fond memories fishing there every summer as a kid. I was heartbroken to hear it had to be shut down.

Donna Mallach Bernd, posted to Facebook

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